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Timber Treatment/Timber Resin Repair

Woodworm is a collective name for a number of wood destroying beetles. The most often encountered of these insects in the north of England are Common Furniture Beetle Anobium punctatum, Death Watch Beetle Xestobium rufovillosum and Wood Boring Weevil Euophryum confine. Each species of insect has its own length of life cycle but essentially they all lay eggs on rough/cracked timber after which the eggs hatch into larvae which digest the timber and grow. The larvae then pupate into the adult beetle which exits the timber leaving the tell-tale flight holes which alerts the property owner that an infestation is present and treatment is required to eradicate the insects.

Timber Decay is the result of the presence of a fungus. There are many different fungi but the two most commonly experienced are True Dry Rot Fungus Serpula lacrymans and Wet Rot Fungus Coniophora puteana. Both fungi break down timber but the treatment and eradication of dry rot and wet rot can be significantly different both in costs and extent. It is crucial that dry rot treatments are carried out thoroughly and fastidiously otherwise the fungi will return and continue to cause damage within a property. Our specialist knowledge of this fungus and our extensive experience with its eradication places our Surveyor and technicians in an unrivalled position to be able to provide long lasting treatment for all wood destroying fungi.

Timber Resin Repair is a method of replacing decayed timbers without requiring wholesale `cutting out' of complete joists/beams. Bearing ends can be replaced with minimum disturbance to surrounding plasterwork, cornices, ceilings or wall fabric. The resulting repair is stronger than the original timber and can be invisible to the eye.



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