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Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity Wall Tie Failure. Movement/Cracking to masonry walls can be due to a number of factors including subsidence, cavity wall tie failure, corrosion to steel lintels or spreading of the internal and external leafs of the wall. The advice of a structural survey or is always recommended if subsidence or spreading of the leafs of wall is suspected.  

Expertreat Ltd. offer comprehensive surveys and replacement of cavity wall ties using conventional mechanical stainless steel or Cintec grout anchored ties for thicker rubble filled construction.  

Wall Stabilisation. Our technicians are also able to repair cracking to masonry using stainless steel bar `crack stitches' and stabilise bulges to walls using lateral wall/floor restraints which can be mechanically/chemically bonded to provide an almost invisible repair as an alternative to the use of aesthetically inferior pattress plates.



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