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Flood Resilience

The flooding of properties is becoming more frequent and is devastating and costly to property owners.  Although we can do little to alter weather patterns and the amount of rainfall occurring, steps can be taken to reduce the effect of flooding and speed up the drying down of buildings following a flooding event by installing flood resilience measures

These measures can be within the environment to reduce run off etc. but can also be at the property level by the installation of flood resistance doors, automatic closing air vents or demountable flood barriers/gates which will resist the entry of flood water into a property.

Expertreat Ltd. has had extensive experience of installing flood resistance measures, being based in Hebden Bridge which has been subject to a number of major floods.  Our Surveyor has inspected flooded properties and produced flood repair and renew grant assessment reports and our technicians have subsequently installed the required flood resilience products.

Basement waterproofing and conversion very often require the installation of sump/pumps. These systems can also be installed as flood resilience measures in order to reduce the effects of flood water ingress and assist in drying down properties following flooding.

Please contact our Surveyor/office if you require advice/costings for any flood resilience measures either following a flood or in order to minimise the effects of any future flooding events.


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