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Basement Water Proofing

Walls and floors below external ground level will be subject to lateral water/moisture penetration due to hydrostatic pressure unless measures are taken to provide vertical/horizontal waterproofing systems which will control water vapour/running water penetration.

Below ground areas, such as basement/cellar rooms, can be brought into habitable/dry storage use by the application of cavity drain membrane/tanking systems. These systems can be installed alongside horizontal damp proofing works to allow conversion of previously wet/damp unusable areas. Our Surveyor holds the CSSW qualification and can design a waterproofing solution to both existing or new build properties.

Expertreat Ltd. have been constantly at the forefront of waterproofing basement/cellar areas and were one of the first companies to utilise cavity drain membrane systems, originally produced in Norway, which have now been developed for use throughout the UK.

Long Term Guarantees are available on vertical waterproofing systems installed by Expertreat Ltd. through Guarantee Protection Insurance in order to offer additional peace of mind.


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