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About Expertreat Ltd

Expertreat Ltd have been providing professional, reliable and cost effective service since 1978 to all areas within 30 miles of our base in Hebden Bridge. We are proud of our experience and depth of technical knowledge of the remedial treatment industry. From damp proofing a single wall to waterproofing a full basement conversion or eradicating a major dry rot outbreak, we have the skills and trained staff to complete the works to the highest standards.

Please telephone/email our office or speak directly with our qualified and experienced surveyor Andy Foreman, CSRT, CSSW on 07836585666, and we are confident that we can provide solutions to your questions. Alternatively please contact us via the online form on our contact page.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Services

Damp Proofing/Condensation Control

Due to the capillary rise of moisture from the ground within the wall fabric brought about by the breakdown of an original or the absence of an effective, horizontal/vertical damp proof course. The Solution is to install a new damp proof course using siliconate waterproof gel, quartz injection morta...

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Basement Waterproofing

Walls and floors below external ground level will be subject to lateral water/moisture penetration due to hydrostatic pressure unless measures are taken to provide vertical/horizontal waterproofing systems which will control water vapour/running water penetration.

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Timber Treatment/Timber Resin Repair

Woodworm is a collective name for a number of wood destroying beetles.  The most often of these insects encountered in the north of England are Common Furniture Beetle Anobium punctatum, Death Watch Beetle Xestobium rufovillosum and Wood Boring Weevil Euophryum confine.

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Cavity Wall Ties

Movement/Cracking to masonry walls can be due to a number of factors including subsidence, cavity wall tie failure, corrosion to steel lintels or spreading of the internal and external leafs of the wall.  The advice of a structural surveyor is always recommended if subsidence or spreading of th...

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Flood Resilience

The flooding of properties is becoming more frequent and is devastating and costly to property owners.  Although we can do little to alter weather patterns and the amount of rainfall occurring, steps can be taken to reduce the effect of flooding and speed up the drying down of buildings followi...

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